When I think back on my life and my experience with condoms I don’t always have fond memories. Nobody can dispute the need or ease to use them but if you are like me, there has always been a sense of dread or anxiousness related to the topic. In fact, there are two very vivid memories that I have that sum up those exact feelings.

My very first experience with condoms came when I was a teenager. I had started dating a girl and our relationship was starting to evolve to the point where a sexual encounter was more than likely on the horizon….or at least I was praying it would. Neither of us wanted nor was in a position for an accident to happen, so I made the short walk to the local grocery store to make the purchase. As I scanned through the aisle, my nerves were gripping me tight! What if someone I knew saw me, hell what if someone that knew my parents saw me? The thoughts were frantically running through my head and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I needed to pick one and get the hell out of there fast!

But that’s not where my angst ended. As I proceeded to the check out counter, I paid no attention to the line that I entered and threw the condoms on the counter. I tried not to look up but without thinking I did and low and behold, there stood a girl that I knew from middle school who was a few years ahead of me. I was hoping she wouldn’t recognize me but it really didn’t matter. We both knew what I was buying and their purpose. Get me out of here now!

My second memory came many years later. Although the experience of buying condoms didn’t get much easier, the need for them only increases as I became older. I am not bragging here by the way, just saying that like most people, sexual activity increases as you go beyond the teenage years.

Anyway, around the end of my college days, my girlfriend and I were in my apartment that I shared with a few roommates. We were alone one night and things started to get pretty heavy. At this point in our relationship, I had become a frequent purchaser of condoms so this story isn’t about the apprehension of purchasing said items. No it’s a story about not purchasing enough. Yep, just when we were about to go to the next level, I realized that my personal stash had been depleted! My roommate and I shared a room, and luckily he was stocked up….whew…crisis averted!

I am telling you these stories not simply to embarrass myself, but to give you examples of why we created MtMojo.com. These are real life events that happen every  day to millions of people everywhere. Our goal is very simple…..make the condom buying process easy, affordable and a little fun! Gone are the days of that awkward transaction at the grocery store or pharmacy! With our monthly subscription service, you can have quality Mt Mojo condoms delivered directly to your house each month! Our customized quantity packs allow you to tailor the amount that you need so you don’t have to worry about running out when you need them the most.

We know you have options, but we also know that there is a better way to take an historically embarrassing thing and make it easy and fun. Our site also has cool swag like shirts, boxer shorts and can cozies that are comfortable and just plain fun! We want to make your condom buying experience a pleasure, not a pain.Check us out today at MtMojo.com!

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